Congratulations you're Newly Engaged, Now What?

He's just proposed to you in the most romantic way, and you said "Yes"! Congratulations! you are now officially engaged and rocking a fabulous rock on your finger, a symbol of the promise of your future together.

While you're basking in the euphoria of being newly engaged, the next thing you'll want to do with your new status is to begin those planning steps toward the BIG DAY.

Here are 6 things to consider now that you're newly engaged.

1. Celebrate with your spouse. Go somewhere romantic and enjoy each others company, the next couple of months (assuming you have a short engagement) will be filled with a lot of planning and you both have to be in sync. Here's also your chance to take wedding proposal pictures that may come in handy if you decide to keep a wedding blog, give out "unique save-the-date magnets", or even to share with guests as a special highlight on your wedding day.

2. Set a wedding date or at least have an inkling as how long you want to be engaged for before you get married. Be prepared, once the word gets out, the next question to expect is "when is the wedding?"

3. Announce to close friends and family. You might want to have a night out with your girlfriends to show off your bling.

4. Keep a journal - you'll find that everyone will give you ideas, advice, and express their opinion on aspects of planning your wedding. You'll want to jot down those that you definitely want to remember.

5. Determine a budget - Think about how elaborate you want your wedding to be. Whether you're considering an all out no expenses spared wedding celebration or a conservative one, a budget goes a long way in managing key components in the planning process such as venue selection, and determining what support you might need and from whom.

6. Consider hiring a wedding planner if you can afford one. Planners save you time researching venues, and vendors such as caterers, florists, photographers and more. They are also helpful in relieving stress on your wedding day by coordinating details to make sure you have a successful celebration!

Practical engagement party favors such as our "diamond key ring holder" is a unique favor to say thank you for your support to your female guests as they join in celebrating your new status.

Best Wishes!

Elise Charles - Your Wedding Planning Partner