Connecting businesses, brands & consumers by synergizing ideas & bringing them to life...



Limitless possibilities

Extensive & versatile range of products

Cost efficient product sourcing

Quality control & assurance


Awesome promotional campaigns

Increased aesthetic appeal


Buzz worthy activations

Custom, brand savvy merchandise


Multi channel delivery & distribution


Effectively with your target audience

Create brand awareness

Increase sales & maximize ROI

Maintain customer retention

Motivate & reward employees

From ideation to delivery,
we’ve got you covered


Elise Charles has collaborated
with brands and multinationals
to help them go the extra mile with
their marketing communications by leveraging
the power of branded merchandise.

We provide creative branded solutions for

  • special event giveaways
  • corporate gifts
  • custom notebooks & diaries
  • retail
  • custom apparel and
  • other merchandise based promotions.

No matter your location,
we would love to work with you on your
next marketing campaign to make it
effective and memorable.